General Medicine | Journal Aims and Scope

Key objectives of Science Text Publisher is to provide a guide to the rapidly developing resources in advanced research and their impact on scientific development as well as to publish large datasets and extensive results that are not readily accommodated in traditional journals.

Science Text Publisher publishes all kind of articles like Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Perspectives, Letter to Editors, Short Communications, Clinical Cases, Mini Reviews, Opinion Articles, Editorials, Conference Proceedings, e-books, Video articles from the full spectrum of science and technology.

We are self-supporting, with no dependency on any other external sources (like universities, centers) for funds and strives for the best and enhanced quality publications competes the world wide open access journals publishing market.

We always rely on the support from the members of our Science Text Publisher family that is relevantly our Authors, Editorial Committee members, advisory board, Reviewers Board and all the technical support teams all over the globe. We trust in the reciprocated coordination and cooperation in terms of sharing the scientific knowledge of individuals and Groups of Research centers/areas will in turn educates and provokes in advanced researches. In this case we would like to act as a media that anchors in the transformation of information in the form of global online publication.